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All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1142 - Noon Saturday 20 January 2018

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1 Aden/Shihr & Mukalla #70-77 & Hadhramaut #29-40 NH US$62 (20) $20.00$7.00
2Alberta 11 diff Unused Byron Harmon B&W Postcards$20.00no bids yet
3Australian States 1876/1910 Used from six areas US$150. (75 diff)$50.00$27.00
4Australia #10/99 Used 1913/1929 Roos some faults US$528. (13)$75.00no bids yet
5Australia #10/160, C1 Never Hinged 1930s Commems US$123. (13)$40.00no bids yet
6Australia/Canada 1946 First Official Flight Cover repaired tear$20.00$5.00
7Austria #127 VFNH 1908 10k expert signed on back US$500.$150.00$5.00
8Azores #101/313G etc Mint & Used 1906/1931 (50 different)$30.00$18.00
9Bahamas #27/80 Used 1884/1934 US$170. (28)$50.00$22.00
10Banff, Canadian National Park Unused colour Postcard Pack$20.00no bids yet
11Barbados #193/233 Mint 1934/45 incl NH US$90. (27)$30.00$12.00
12Bechuanaland Protectorate #111-113 Fine+ fiscally Used trio$20.00$9.00
13Belgium #B163/B711 Mint 1912/91 incl NH US$118. (100)$30.00no bids yet
14Bermuda #1/25 Fine Used 1864/1904 earlies US$1023. (15)$200.00$118.00
15Boer War 1900 1d Field Post Cover to Surrey, stamp fault, foxed$25.00no bids yet
16Brazil 1934 Condor Zeppelin Flight Cover to Vienna roughly opened$50.00no bids yet
17British Commonwealth mainly Used B/H George VI US$151. (41)$50.00$21.00
18British Empire 1860/1935 Mint & Unu little lot incl N.B. $100.+ (12)$30.00$21.00
19Brunei #83-96 Never Hinged 1952 Set US$48. (14)$20.00$7.00
20Bytown 1855 Stampless Cover to Probate Court Toronto$25.00$19.00
21Canada #5 Fine Used 1855 6d Albert w/ Montreal cancel, thin$150.00$110.00
22Canada #12 VG Used 1859 Perforated 3d Beaver $300.$100.00$57.00
23Canada #14-15, 17, 20 well centered Used 1859 quartet $635. sht pf$150.00$55.00
24Canada #19 Fine Used 1859 17c Cartier guide dot, sml flaws $120.$30.00$8.00
25Canada #21-25, 27, 29 gen Fine Used Large Queens sml flaws $380$50.00$8.00
26Canada #34-36, 41-44 gen Fine Mint Small Queens sml flaws $255.$50.00no bids yet
27Hamilton #35-36 1894 3c Small Queen Cover to U.S.A.$20.00no bids yet
28Granville #37 1879 3c Small Queen Cover to U.S.A.$20.00no bids yet
29Canada #40, 45 Fine or better Used 1888/1897 10c Small Queen trio$50.00$22.00
30Canada #51-54, 56, 58, 60 Fine Mint 1897 Jubilees sml flaws $422.$75.00$21.00
31Brockville Biscuit Works #53 1898 3c Jubilee Cover w/ two Sq. Circles$25.00$5.00
32Canada #60 F+ Used 1897 50c Jubilee $115.+$40.00$24.00
33Canada #61 Fine Union Station Toronto roller Used $1 Jubilee, thin$150.00$79.00
34Canada #66 & 74 VFNH 1897/98 1/2c QV duo $120.$40.00$5.00
35Canada #74/86 Used 1898/1901 Numerals etc odd fault $700. (27)$100.00no bids yet
36Buckingham #76 1899 2c Cover duo plus #87 Wolfe Island Cover$20.00no bids yet
37Canada #85-86 Fine Never Hinged 1898 2c Map duo $100.$30.00$15.00
38Canada 1903/2010 Used incl $10 Whale etc $261. (110)$50.00$14.00
39Canada #90A VF Mint 1903 2c Edward VII Imperforate Block $100. (4)$30.00$15.00
40Canada #96-103 Fine Used 1908 Quebec Set some faults $530. (8)$75.00no bids yet
41Canada #104-120, 122 Used Admirals in glassines $500. (524)$60.00no bids yet
42Toronto #107/110 1925 13c Registered Cover to New York$20.00no bids yet
43Canada #107b F/VF 3 NH 2c Admiral Booklet Pane $80. (4)$30.00no bids yet
44Canada #108LW Fine Mint 1918 3c Lathework Admiral, reinforced$25.00no bids yet
45Canada #112, 112c Fine Never Hinged 1922/25 5c Admiral duo $90.$30.00no bids yet
46Canada #123 VF & 124 F/VF Mint HR 1913 Admiral Coil duo $180.$50.00no bids yet
47Canada #125/586b Used 1920s/1970s Coils & Panes $360. (115)$60.00no bids yet
48Canada #138 VFNH 1924 3c Admiral Imperforate Pair $100.$40.00$21.00
49Canada #141-148 Mint & Used Stock in form 102 cards (17 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
50Canada #149/208 Used Coil & Booklet singles (185)$50.00$5.00
51Canada #155 VFNH 1928 10c Mt. Hurd $60.$20.00$10.00
52Canada #156-157 Fine Mint singles & Used Block duo $130. (10)$40.00no bids yet
53Canada #159 Fine Never Hinged 1929 $1 Parliament $375.$125.00$5.00
54Canada #162/202 Used in glassines $505. (600)$60.00no bids yet
55Canada #175-177 Fine+ Mint 1930 20c-$1 trio, odd short perf $347.$100.00$45.00
56Canada #194 Mint single & 1932 Calgary Used 13c Block of 18 $93.$30.00no bids yet
57Canada #196a/196biii Fine Mint 1932 2c Booklet Pane quartet $425.$125.00no bids yet
58Canada #202 Fine 1933 Calgary CDS Used 5c U.P.U. Block (8)$20.00no bids yet
59Canada #205-207 F/VF Mint 1933 Coil Pair Set $103. (6)$30.00no bids yet
60Canada #217-227 VFNH 1935 1c-$1 George V Set $315. (11)$100.00no bids yet
61Canada #244 VFNH 1938 50c Vancouver Harbour $90.$30.00$8.00
62Canada #249c-254b, 263-267, 278-281 NH Coils & Panes $107. (12)$30.00no bids yet
63Canada #268-273 VFNH 1946 Peace Set $150. (6)$50.00$22.00
64Canada #272 1946 Artmaster 50c Logging Registered Ottawa FDC$20.00$5.00
65Canada #309i NH 1951 2c George VI Jump Strip w/ corner variety (4)$20.00no bids yet
66Canada NH 1950s Plate Blocks incl #321 etc $139. (10 pcs)$30.00no bids yet
67John Diefenbaker 1960 Christmas Card & 1961 Cover$20.00no bids yet
68Canada #595var NH 1972 15c Sheep Ink Smear Block quintet (20)$25.00$5.00
69Canada 1970s/1990s Used incl $8 Grizzly etc $160. (227)$40.00no bids yet
70Canada #714a Never Hinged 12c Parliament Printed on the gum side$150.00$50.00
71Canada #729ii VFNH 1977 12c Parliament Imperf Pair in strip of four$100.00$16.50
72Canada #734i/1216i VFNH 1977/88 Varieties in Plate Blocks $80. (8)$25.00$17.50
73Canada 1980s/1990s Used incl Millennium $195. (qty)$40.00no bids yet
74Canada #1270var VFNH LR 1990 39c Multiculturalism Shift Block (4)$100.00$22.00
75Canada 1990s/200s Used Souvenir Sheets (33)$30.00no bids yet
76Canada #2929 designer signed 2016 Birds S/S First Day Cover$25.00$8.00
77Canada 2017 NH recalled & reissued Hanukkah Booklet duo$60.00$33.00
78Canada 2017 recalled Hanukkah Official First Day Cover$150.00$55.00
79Purdy's 2018 #2/110 110+ Years Overprint Cover w/ 2007 version$20.00$6.00
80Canada #C1/C4, E6/E11 Mint 1928/1946 Back of the Book $119. (13)$40.00no bids yet
81Niagara Falls 1936 Rocket Mail Flight Cover$40.00$5.50
82Canada #E6-E11 Used 1935/1946 Special Delivery $71. (6)$30.00no bids yet
83Canada Excise #FX103/FX125 Mint & Unused Revenues $101. (10)$30.00no bids yet
84Canada #J3 VFNH 1928 4c Postage Due hint of gum line $200.$50.00$44.00
85Canada #O223 VF Used 1935 10c R.C.M.P. 4-hole Perf OHMS sht pfs$20.00$10.00
86Canada 1940s/1950 Mint Officials $104. (39)$30.00$13.00
87Wells Fargo 3c U.S. Paid San Francisco Cover to H.B.C. Victoria$50.00$5.00
88Brunette Saw Mill Co. 1899 advert & clipping on Wellburn page$20.00no bids yet
89George Vancouver entering Burrard Inlet Postcard, odd size, flaws$20.00no bids yet
90Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. Unused Hibben colour Postcard$20.00no bids yet
91Picturesque Vancouver, B.C. 1911 Valentine & Sons 26-page Folder$25.00no bids yet
92Vancouver, B.C. 1913/17 1c & 2c Admiral Slogan Postcard quartet$25.00no bids yet
93Vancouver, B.C. 1931 & 1937 Postage Due Postcard duo$20.00no bids yet
94Crescent Beach, B.C. 1955 24c Returned Registered Corner Cover$20.00$5.00
95Duncan's Station, B.C. 1899 2c Letter & Cover ex Wellburn$25.00$5.00
96Gambier, B.C. RF D 1911 Marine Express Postcard to Hopkins$25.00no bids yet
97Inpex Station Vancouver, B.C. 1976 CDS Used Bluenose Show Card$20.00no bids yet
98Juan de Fuca Despatch NH 1974 Set of 12 diff Minisheets of five (60)$25.00no bids yet
99North Lonsdale, B.C. RF D on 1923 Melbourne Postcard corner bend$25.00$5.00
100Shawnigan Lake, B.C. 1905 Guatemala Zieher Stamp Postcard$25.00$8.00
101N.B. 1899 2c readdressed R.P.O. Cover marked Fake by Wellburn$40.00no bids yet
102Newfoundland #61/119 Used 1897/1947 range $155. (104)$40.00$20.00
103Newfoundland #C2 Fine Mint 1919 $1 on 15c Airmail $200.$75.00no bids yet
104Nova Scotia #13 VFNH 1860/1863 12.5c Black $120.$40.00$20.00
105Cape of Good Hope #5 Fine Used 1858 6d Triangle US$300.$50.00$8.00
106Cayman Islands #100-111, 114-115 Mint 1938/47 US$87. (14)$30.00$11.00
107German China Offices #24/51 Mint & Used little lot US$88. (15)$30.00$16.50
108P.R. China #74R/812 Unused & Used 1950/1964 US$100. (80)$40.00$15.00
109P.R. China #1111 Never Hinged 1973 10f Giant Panda US$100.$50.00$27.00
110P.R. China #1181/1289 Never Hinged 1974/1976 Sets US$263. (35)$100.00$5.00
111Cyprus #11/32 Used 1881/1896 QV issues, faults US$220. (13)$40.00no bids yet
112Czechoslovakia NH May 1945 Zamberk Liberation Overprints as is$40.00no bids yet
113Dominica #97-100, 122-136 Mint 1938/1951 Sets incl NH US$95. (29)$30.00$12.00
114Egypt 1925/1946 Mint & Used range US$219. (28)$50.00$29.00
115Falkland Islands #43/46 Mint 1921/25 Blocks incl NH US$236.$100.00$5.00
116Falkland Islands #113-114, 116-119 Mint 1952 half dozen US$118.$40.00no bids yet
117Clement-Bayard Unused B&W Airship Postcard$25.00no bids yet
118France #219/368 Used 1924/1939 Sets US$150. (60)$50.00$23.00
119France #568/1514 Never Hinged 1946/1977 US$166. (150)$50.00$22.00
120France #B47/B109 Never Hinged 1936/41 Semipostals US$229. (32)$75.00$30.00
121Gambia #25/31 Mint 1898/1905 QV & Edward VII quintet US$100.$30.00$16.50
122German Area Mint & Used Allenstein, Danzig etc US$80. (85)$20.00no bids yet
123Germany 1908 5pf Used Zeppelin Postcard edge wear$20.00no bids yet
124S.S. Bremen 1929 Ship to Shore Catapult Flight Cover$60.00no bids yet
125Germany 1933 Zucker signed Rocket Mail Cover$40.00$5.00
126Susice Never Hinged 1945 Liberation Overprints (10 different)$20.00no bids yet
127Sudetenland #47-48 NH1938 Karlsbad Overprint S/S as is$40.00no bids yet
128Germany #804/2079 Used 1959/2000 Souvenir Sheets US$97. (18)$30.00no bids yet
129Germany #B334-B337 Never Hinged 1953 Semipostal Set US$70.$25.00no bids yet
130Germany #C37 1928 4mk Zeppelin Flight Cover to Chicago stamp flt$25.00no bids yet
131Wurttemberg #8NB4a VF Unu 1949 Imperf Semipostal S/S US$110.$40.00no bids yet
132Gibraltar #11/31A Mint HR 1895/1898 QV half dozen US$227.$60.00no bids yet
133G.B. #1 Used 1840 1d Black duo, faults US$640.$75.00$44.00
134G.B. #4/107 Used 1841/1884 QV Range, faults US$2220. (28)$150.00$5.00
135G.B. #30 Used 1869 2d Blue plates 13-15 study lot US$2340. (72)$300.00$5.00
136G.B. #108 F/VF squared circle Used 1884 QV 5/- blunt perfs US$250.$50.00$15.00
137G.B. #121, 126 F/VF Mint 1890 & 1900 Victoria 10d & 1/- US$130. (2)$40.00$27.50
138G.B. #141 F/VF Used 1902/11 Edward VII 10/- small thin US$525.$75.00no bids yet
139Western Isles 1934 Harris-Scarp green label Rocket Mail Cover$25.00$5.00
140G.B. #226-229 1935 Ashton under Lyne FDC trio to Manchester foxing$75.00no bids yet
141G.B. #309-312 Never Hinged 1955 QEII Castles Set US$240. (4)$75.00$5.00
142Greece 1938 first day of 6 Drachmai Registered Censored Cover, tear$25.00$45.00
143Heligoland #1A/20 Mint faults and offered as is (10 different)$25.00no bids yet
144Hong Kong #1-2 Unused 1862 2c & 8c Victoria duo US$1250.$150.00$5.00
145Hong Kong #166 Fine Used 1938 $10 George VI US$130.$40.00$5.00
146H.K. & Straits Settlements Unu embossed Erhard Coin Postcard$25.00$8.00
147Iceland #199-201 Mint & Used sets, 209-211 Mint US$75. (9)$25.00no bids yet
148India/Nabha #70/80, O40-O48 Mint 1938/1944 US$101. (21)$40.00$13.00
149Ionian Islands #1-2 Fine Unused 1859 first issue duo US$175.$40.00no bids yet
150Ireland #87 F/VF Used 1933/34 1d Rose Coil Pair US$120.$40.00$5.00
151Italy #24/206 Used 1863/1928 Classics US$200. (60 different)$50.00$23.00
152Japan #35 F/VF Used 1874 4s Rose as is US$475.$60.00no bids yet
153Japan Unu HSM embossed French language Coin Postcard, pinhole$25.00no bids yet
154Leeward Islands #114-115 Never Hinged 1938/51 George VI trio$100.00$5.00
155F.M.S. #1/10 Mint & Unused 1c/50c Tigers US$238. (5)$60.00no bids yet
156Malta #195-202, 204-205, 235-240 NH 1938/1953 US$71. (26)$25.00no bids yet
157Mauritius #20/245, J1-J7 Mint 1861/1950 incl NH US$114. (32)$40.00$15.00
158Monaco #1/520 Mint & Used 1885/1962 US$350. (88 different)$100.00$45.00
159N.Z. #32 Unused 1863 2d Chalon, crease US$225.$40.00no bids yet
160N.Z. 1891/1951 mainly Used Back of the Book US$125. (55)$40.00$32.00
161Nigeria #1/45 Mint & Used 1914/1933 some faults (44)$30.00no bids yet
162Northern Rhodesia #78b F/VF NH 1963 3d Value Omitted Variety$40.00no bids yet
163Nyasaland Protectorate #66-67 F/VF Mint 1938 incl NH Pound US$85.$30.00$19.00
164Papua New Guinea #94/106 Mint 1934 Pictorials US$136. (12)$50.00$17.50
165Portugal #128/599 Mint 1898/1940 Classic High Vals US$225. (24)$75.00$60.00
166Russia #678-686 F/VF NH 1938 Aviation Set tone spots US$155. (9)$30.00no bids yet
167Russia #1770a, 1772a, 1778a, 1786a, 1787a stamps NH S/S Sets$25.00no bids yet
168Rwanda #359/1174 NH 1970/1983 Topical Sets US$82. (64)$20.00no bids yet
169Saar #263-282, 289-308 Mint Sets incl NH US$71. (40)$25.00no bids yet
170Saar #B64a VFNH 1948 Imperf Flood Relief S/S lt bends US$685.$200.00no bids yet
171St. Pierre & Miquelon #399-407 NH 1970 issues US$87. (9)$30.00$10.00
172San Marino #1/139 Mint & Used 1877/1932 US$431. (69)$100.00no bids yet
173Sierra Leone #195-207 F/VF Mint 1956 QEII Set US$67. (13)$25.00$9.00
174Singapore #28/750 Mint 1950s/1990s incl NH US$94. (61)$25.00no bids yet
175Spain #799-800, 804-814, 839-841 NH 1954/55 Sets US$103. (16)$30.00no bids yet
176Straits Settlements #1/271 Used 1945/1955 US$107. (97)$30.00no bids yet
177Sudan #1-8, J1-J4 Mint & Used 1897 Set duo US$206. (12)$50.00no bids yet
178Sweden #452/467 & Norway #B5/B30 NH 1936/2007 US$127. (84)$30.00no bids yet
179Emmitsburg, Md. 1847 2-pg FLS w/ contents to Benzinger, Pa.$25.00no bids yet
180World Mint & Used A/Y on 32 dealer cards incl Korea some faults (86)$25.00no bids yet
181Western Australia BU 1990 Silver 10 Dollars .591oz ASW$20.00no bids yet
182Canada AU 1935 George V Jubilee Commemorative Silver Dollar$30.00$24.00
183Canada AU/Unc 1939 & 1949 Commemorative Silver Dollar duo$50.00$37.00
184Canada BU 1964 6-coin Silver Prooflike Set$30.00$27.50
185Canada BU 1997 .9999 Fine $10 Gold Maple Leaf$500.00$473.00
186G.B. Unc 1893 Victoria Farthing US$140.$100.00$5.00
187G.B. Unc 1887 Victoria Golden Jubilee Silver Double Florin US$275.$200.00$5.00
188Queen Victoria 1837/1897 Commemorative Silver Medallion cleaned$30.00$7.00
189Greece BU 1963 & 1964 Silver 30 Drachmai .8oz ASW$20.00$16.00
190Ireland BU 1966 Easter Uprising Silver 10 Shilling .4829oz ASW$30.00$14.00
191Zacatecas Unc 1896 Silver 8 Reales die cracks US$110.$100.00$18.00
192Mongolia AU 1925 Silver 50 Mongo$30.00$15.00
193Netherlands VF 1861 Willem III Silver 1/2 Guilder$25.00$17.50
194Parthia 42-45AD Vardanes I Silver Drachm$75.00$66.00
195Octavian & Julius Caesar 38BC QE29 10.8gram Triumvirate coin$100.00no bids yet
196H.B.C. Fort Grahame Fine B.C. District $1 Card Scrip ex Hodgkinson$700.00no bids yet
197Canada Unc 2015 & 2017 Commemorative $10 & $20 Banknote duo$60.00$36.00
198Barney Holden 1910/1911 Winnipeg C56 Rookie Hockey Card faults$40.00$5.00
199British Army Corps WWI Signals 1924 Players Cigarette Card Set (50)$25.00no bids yet
200WWI 1916 Beaumont-Hamel Trench Map ex B.M. Clerk$75.00no bids yet
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The Gerald Wellburn collection of historic Vancouver 1851/1899
at All Nations Auctions 2017


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