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Page 73 Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver

Page 73 of Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver album is one of the highlights of the collection. An 1884 letter from Sam Greer on Joseph Mannion's Granville Hotel letterhead, witnessed by Matthew Baillie Begbie. Sam Greer fought to keep his land at Greer's beach but it was expropriated and kept by the Province and renamed Kitsilano. Read the famly perspective

Joesph Mannion was an informal Mayor of early Vancouver. The Granville Hotel was opened by him in opposition to Gassy Jack's hotel. A period of 'commercial expansion' in Burrard Inlet notes Wellburn. . A period of 'commercial expansion' in Burrard Inlet notes Wellburn.

Mr J M Spinks

                                                                                                              July 2nd 1884
My Dear
             Sir I got your letter
             To day with Cheque I am going
             to put on Some Chinamen to Clear on the Beach to
             Keep every person off
             I was offered $500 for my
             Bargain but Indian Agent McTiernan
             helped me out. This is the best
             property on the Bay I got $75
             from Henderson to help
             me on the Bill of Sale. It is through
             Mr. McTiernan I got the land I had no
             Dealing with the Indians it is Signed and
             Sealed In your Name Drawed up
             by Howse & Rickman by a Lawyer
             20 Men has asked me for a Intrest
             this is good property Come over at once

                                                                                      Yours truly S. Greer



Joseph Mannion Unofficial first mayor of Vancouver b. March 17, 1839, County Mayo, Ire.; d. Sept. 12, 1918, Lillooet, B.C. Left priestly studies to hunt for gold in the Cariboo, arriving in New Westminster on April 19, 1862. From 1864, worked as a stevedore, telegraph company employee, miner and logger. In 1874, bought a half interest in the Granville Hotel (later sole proprietor). In 1881, his two sons drowned when their canoe was swamped on English Bay. Known as "the mayor of Granville" before the first official mayor, M.A. MacLean, was elected. Elected alderman (1888) but resigned and moved to 160 acres on Bowen Island. "Settled into the life of a country squire."  from History of Metropolitan Vancouver

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