Lot #74

Page 75 of Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver album

1885 Granville, B.C. 2-page Letter from Sam Greer with various initials ex Wellburn

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                                             Granville 16/February 1885


To Mr. Wilson Chair man Squaters                                        Committe

Sir Peter Mc tiernan Indian

agent did Sign the Indian Title

as a Witness Jims Name is a

forgory I can prove it I read

its Contents of the Title to Mc tiernan

In his own house if he Denies

Receiving the Money I can prove

it by Bank Cheque on Garesche

Green + Co I can prove the Indian

Said he was 20 years on the land

I have Mc tiernans letter to prove

he transacted all the Business for

Them I Trust the Honorable Committee

will have this so called forgery

Investigated if summoned I will

Again appear before the Committee

To prove Mc tiernan signed  

To have Norman Bole Summoned

To prove that Mc tiernan Told him

The Indian was on this land In

Question 20 years

I also wish to have

The steward tolmie of the

Holebrook house New Westminster

Summoned as evidence

Also Mr. Rickman of

New Westminster

Mc tiernan cant denie

The Signature

Trusting you will have the matter

Investigated I Remain yours

            Respectfully S Greer  




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