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The ability to search this site is powered by Google, and we get regular reports from them describing the items that people are searching for. After a year of reports, we have noticed a pattern.

Most people search for items in the vernacular, such as "Canadian Dollar," "British coins," "1863 penny." If there is such an item featured in the Sales section of the site, it will be found.

However, most of the items in the Auction and New in Stock sections of the site are listed by catalogue number and will not be found. We are taking steps to add broader descriptions, but your searches will be more accurate if you are familiar with catalogue listings.

We use the Scott numbering system for our stamp Auction and New in Stock listings. This is the most popular stamp numbering system in North America, and it is used under license by Unitrade for their Canada Specialized Stamp Catalogue.

When a collector is looking for the 50c Bluenose Schooner stamp printed in 1929 they can simply ask for Canada #158. Similar for coins and notes.

Scott and Unitrade catalogues are available from most stamp dealers, booksellers, and public libraries. Second hand, or older copies are widely available for those who need the numbering system, more than the current values, which are relative anyway. They are also available here.

So, to enhance your search for specific items, it would be best to use the catalogue listing. Happy hunting.


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