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Canada Post reboots Main Vancouver Post Office for the twenty first century online shopper

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Canada Post launched its Vancouver concept post office, at 495 West Georgia, on 22 November, with several weeks of introductory special events, including a 5-person stamp designers autograph session, between 11 and 1, on 28 November.

Canada Stamp Designers

Star Trek stamp designers at event: Adrian Horvath and Mike Savage from Vancouver's Signals Design Group

This is Canada Post's third boutique post office. The other two have drive throughs. The foyer is open 24 hours and offers 10% off self serve parcel delivery and drop off, and a stamp, coin, and supply vending machine. The main lobby looks like an Apple computer store but also feels like an airport check in center, with the baggage weigh scale and counterless service kiosks. There are locked coin and stamp retail displays so you have to line up and ask for what you want. A changing room, so you can try on internet clothing purchases when you receive them then return them right away if unsuitable, is an interesting innovation. There is a computer generated stamp dispensing machine.  A collector was buying a set of labels for another collector in Belgium when we were there.

Business was steady and collectors came from as far away as Vancouver Island for the stamp signing. There is little street parking but Canada Post is lobbying the city to free up some short term parking.

new Canada Post Office

Main Lobby

Stamp Vending Machine

Stamp Vending Machine

Computer Generated Postage

Computer Generated Postage

Parcel Post

Self serve parcel center open 24/7 and 10% off

Changing Room

Post Office Changing Room

Post Office parking

The old post office had parking

Old Post Office

The older Post Office

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