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Newsletter #260 - October 10th 2015

A Hudson's Bay Company document written at Fort Vancouver in 1842 has sold for $7,700.


A Hudson's Bay Company document written at Fort Vancouver in 1842 has sold for $7,700 in All Nations 10 October 1030th weekly stamp and coin auction in Vancouver.

The 15”x12” original document listing the Returns of the Columbia District Outfit 1841, and dated

19 March 1842, originally came from Kenneth Mackenzie. It passed from the Gerald Wellburn collection to the award winning Jack Wallace collection of Colonial British Columbia and Vancouver Island Stamps and Postal History. Jack Wallace showed it as the first page of his exhibit collection and penciled small arrows next to Fort Langley and Steamer Beaver. It is likely one of the earliest surviving documents of Pacific Northwest history in private hands.

The Hudson's Bay Company archives told the Vancouver Sun it is possible the document was written by John McLoughlin.

Across the top are 21 commodities, from badgers to whale bones, and down the left column are 16 locales including New Caledonia, Fort Langley, Fort Simpson, Snake Party, California Station, and the Sandwich Islands. Dispersal to London and Sitka is also mentioned.

James Douglas was sent from Fort Vancouver to Vancouver Island in 1841 to seek a new headquarters, as the Hudson's Bay Company knew that the United States boundary would soon encompass their Columbia River Fort. A wave of settlers from the Red River Colony arrived on the plain near Fort Vancouver in 1841, but failed to stave off increasing American settlement there.

There was bidding interest in the 1842 Fort Vancouver document from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including institutional collections, three phone bidders and saleroom action. An anonymous collector prevailed and kept the item in British Columbia.

All Nations has been in business in Vancouver since 1949 and conducts weekly stamp, coin, and collectibles auctions at 5630 Dunbar.

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