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Jeremiah Rogers and the Hastings Mill Site


Jeremiah Rogers

In 1860 Jerry Rogers was cutting spars in Alberni, in 1863 he was already in Burrard Inlet and the very next year building the first big logging camp at Jerry's Cove or as we now call it "Jericho".

Jerry Rogers

When Jeremiah Rogers cleared the original Hastings Sawmill site, in 1865 in what is now Stanley Park, it did not go well.  Captain Edward Stamp was told the current was too strong there and they had to move the mill site further east.  Gassy Jack soon showed up to supply the thirsty millworkers, and a new city was born.  Captain Stamp never paid Jerry Rogers for clearing that mill site, and the rest is history.  Jericho was named for Jerry's Cove. Gastown was named for Gassy Jack.

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Captain Stamp Plaque in Stanley Park .

Captain Stamp Plaque


Captain Edward Stamp

Pioneer Industrialist and Legislator started lumbering operations, then finding a better site, he moved elsewhere on Burrard Inlet, and founded in the wilderness, now the City of Vancouver, the famous Hastings Sawmill


Captain Stamp Palaque wording

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Jeremiah Rogers -"The Greatest Logger Of Them All"
Pages 16,17 and 18 Wellburn

It is possible that this document pertains to the clearing of the original mill site which was cleared by Jerry Rogers where Lumbermen's Arch is now.  After the site was cleared, Stamp was told the current was too strong and sailing ships would not be able to moor there.  The mill site was moved further east to Brighton.  It is possible that that is why Stamp faIled to pay his up to then close associate Rogers for clearing the (first) mill site.

Jeremiah Rogers, early Vancouver

Jeremiah Rogers

Jeremiah Rogers, Moodyville Mill, early Vancouver, B.C.

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