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Philip Timms - early B.C. photographer

Philip Timms

See Vancouver Public Library - British Columbia Through the Camera Lens of Philip Timms

Philip Timms

"Philip Timms' interests varied from shopkeeper, to professional printer and commercial photographer, to amateur archaeologist, archivist and historian, to musician, vocalist, choir and band leader, projectionist, lecturer and frustrated actor. He developed his own home museum, auditorium and theatre, was comfortable in churches of every denomination and was a deeply committed vegetarian and antivivisectionist.

Timms' considered his greatest professional accomplishment to be the photographic record that he created of Vancouver between 1900 and 1910. However, the images that he took during his travels throughout the province of British Columbia during subsequent years are also a tremendous cultural legacy. Timms' curiosity and adventurous spirit drew him to photograph many of the province's natural wonders. Like Leonard Frank who loved to photograph "The Lions", Timms loved to photograph the mountains, his favourite being "Black Tusk" in Garibaldi Provincial Park. He also loved the giant old-growth trees such as those in Stanley Park; his young son Harold was a favourite model to help indicate the scale. Timms was keenly interested in all the ways of life in the new frontier that was British Columbia. As a consequence, the photographic record that he left behind affords us a valuable glimpse of the province during its period of growth from a frontier outpost to a well-established centre of industry and tourism."

Philip Timms with violin and piano VPL 18554

Philip Timms with violiln, Vancouver. VPL 18554

Thank you Vancouver Public Library for text and images

North Vancouver

Timms' Indian Mission North Vancouver. Sold for $495 in our 14 January 2017 auction.

Indian Mission

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Timms' Victory-Tree Life in Stanley Park 1909 stamp flty 1c Postcard to N.B. >

Sold for $71.50 in our 17th December 2016 auctdion.

Timms Unused Auto Parade in Stanley Park Real Photo Postcard >

Sold for $108 in 10th December 2016 auction

Timms autoparade

Timms autoparade

Timms' 1906 Totem Pole Stanley Park 2c Edward Postcard to Seattle >

Stanley Park Totem Poles

Tims Totem Poles

English Bay, Vancouver

Timms' Girls Swimming Race English Bay Vancouver Unu B&W RPPC >

Engiish Bay Girl's swimming race

English Bay


Timms' English Bay Surf Vancouver, B.C. Unused Postcard mount marks etc >

 Philip Timms English Bay

Philip Timms English Bay postcard

Bend of the Road, Vancouver, B.C. 1909 1c Postcard to New West >

Sold for $48 in our 19th November 2016 auction.

Timms - Bend In The Road, Vancouver

Timms' 1907 1c Joe Fortes Diving English Bay Vancouver, B.C. Postcard

Lot 79 in 20 May 2017 Auction

Joe Fortes

Port Moody

Timms' Unused Black & White Port Moody, B.C. Real Photo Postcard circa 1908

Lot 97 in our auction Saturday 15th October 2016

Port Moody postcard

Port Mody postcard unused

Port Moody, B.C. Unused Spring 1908 B&W Timms' Real Photo Postcard

Lot 90 in our auction Saturday 8th October 2016 sold for $93.50

Philip Timms Port Moody

Philip Timms postcard

Second Beach, Vancouver

Timms' Afternoon at Second Beach Vancouver, B.C. Postcard to G.B. Sml flaws

Philip Timms - Afternoon at Second Beach Vancouver

Philip Timms postcard to Julia Clay

Eburne, B.C.

Eburne, B.C. B&W Real Photo Fair Postcard

Philip Timms Eburne Fair

Philip Timms Eburne Fair

Bowen Island, B.C.

The Way to Dance Hall & Hotel Bowen Island, B.C. Unused Postcard

Philip Timms Bowen

Philip Timms Bowen postcard


Timm's Unused Nerve Cure Bridge Over Capilano Canyon Postcard

Sold for $60 in our 11th February 2017 auction

Timms' The Empires Trade from Australia, Vancouver, B.C. 1906 1c Card

Timms Empire Trade with Australia


Timms' St. John's Comox St. Unused B&W Real Photo Picture Postcard

Timms Comox

Timms Comox back

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