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Burrard Inlet Mill


Sewell Prescott Moody, an american lumber entrepreneur, bought the Burrard Inlet Mill in 1865. The area of lower Lonsdale near where the mill was sited is still referred to as Moodyville.

Sewell Prescott Moody

George Dietz and Hugh Nelson bought into the mill in 1869, enlarged it and converted it to steam power. Moody died in the wreck of the S.S. Pacific in 1875 and Hugh Nelson managed the mill.

Hugh Nelson

1887 - 1890 Hugh Nelson became Lt Governor of B.C.

Robert Burnaby

Robert Burnaby who was secretary to Co. Moody made a statement in the case.
Burnaby lake was named after him.


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1869 Moody, Dietz & Nelson S.P. Moody & Co, Mill

Page two of the Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver collection, Sold for $330 in All Nations 23rd January 2016 auction.

Sewell Prescott Moody (1835 - 1875)

Page three of the Wellburn historic Vancouver collection at All Nations auctions Saturday 6 February 2016. Realized $ 2,200

Sewell Prescott Moody

Statement 1862 from Robert Burnaby (Burnaby Lake named after him)

Page four of Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver in All Nations' Saturday 6 February 2016 auction sold for $500.

Piece of Burnaby history up for sale

Statement from Robert Burnaby

Page 26 of the Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver collection

Burrard Inlet Saw Mill 1863

Burrard Inlet Mill

Page 29 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver Moody Mill Receipt/Letter

Realized $715 in our 23rd April auction

Moody Mill

Moody Mill

Moody Mill

Page 33 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver

Recoznizance to give Evidence signed by Hugh Nelson

Realized $484 in our May 21 2016 auction

Page 38 of Wellburn Historic Vancouver

Cover to Hastings Mill, Burrard Inlet

Page 56 of Gerald Wellburn historic Vancouver album

Josiah Charles Hughes 1880 apologetic letter only to O'Reilly

Wellburn notes on the page:

August 1880. Letter from J.C. Huges as Surveyor to Mr. O'Reilly in Victoria. J.C. Huges gave the longitude of Burrard Inlet as 142 degrees W. of Greenwich instead of 123 degrees "which would indicate Burrard Inlet is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean". He asks that the mistake be corrected.

Wellburn Note Page 56

JC Hughes

Josias Charles Hughes was a prominent politician in B.C. He represented New Westminster District in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia from 1871 to 1875. He was Moodyville Sawmill Secretary and active Freemason. In 1876, He was named government agent at New Westminster. He later became Indian Agent for the federal government at Netlakahtla, B.C.; in 1886, but he died that same year.

He was a charter member and first W.M. of Mount Hermon Lodge, No. 491 S.C. and was prominent in the work of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia in its early years.

Read more about Josias Charles Hughes here and about his pioneering Masonic work here

This is likely the Captain Markham that the letter refers to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Hastings_Markham



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