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Newsletter #116, September 2, 2007

Vancouver Magazine's 40th Anniversary issue and Auction Movie

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We were pleasantly surprised to discover that All Nations was listed in the September 2007, 40th Anniversary edition of Vancouver Magazine as one of the top 5 spots to go to an auction!

We joined such luminaries as Maynards and Heffel Galleries under the headline "Going once..." in the magazine's Panorama Nutshell department. Author Rosel Kim posits, "Online auctions are thriving, but you can't beat the live version for the hype and the competition."

Describing the auction, she continues "Who goes? Philatelists and coin collectors, both casual and serious. Also: sports ephemera collectors - recent items included a Luongo bobble head."

Since our out-of-town customers who place bids online are missing the event taking place, we thought it only fitting, in light of the article, that we share a small slice of an auction with you.

The movie to follow is rather large at 33 megabytes, but a smaller size would lose the detail. However, if you have a high speed connection, by the time you get to this point, the movie should be ready to play, and it will start automatically. Alternatively, if you click on the disclosure triangle in the lower right corner, you can choose to download the movie to your hard drive. It is a QuickTime file and will play in both QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Get the latest QT player for Mac and Windows free here. If you have any problems, or have a slow connection, you can see a smaller version at YouTube.

Auctions are held every Saturday at 1:00 pm at the shop on the 4th floor of the Hudson's Bay Co. department store in downtown Vancouver. We look forward to having you join us.

Please note that All Nations has now moved to 5630 Dunbar St. at 41st Ave., Vancouver. Complete informatioin is at the bottom of every page. The Saturday Auction is now at noon.

Visit the Vancouver Magazine web site here.

PLease Note: As of Friday, February 1, 2008, All Nations will be moving to Dunbar and 41st Ave. Read all about it here.

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