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Newsletter #249, January 13, 2014

Year of the Horse Stamps

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Canada Post today released its Lunar New Year stamps to honour the Year of the Horse, which runs from January 31, 2014, until February 18, 2015. The stamps are the sixth issue in a 12-year series that has proven to be among the most popular in the commemorative stamp program.

The stamps each depict a horse with various design elements and finishes used to enhance the animal. The domestic and international stamps emphasize red and gold - traditional Chinese colours that evoke the liveliness of fire - and portray a powerful and graceful horse. Embossing has been used in previous Lunar New Year issues, but in this year's international issue, this traditional technique is used on the entire image of the horse to add extra dimension.

Year of the Horse Stamps
On the domestic stamp, the horse is pictured in movement with its tail and mane touching from one stamp to the next. As in previous issues in the Lunar New Year series, the text on the stamps and related products is in Chinese, English and French.

"The designs strike a balance between innovation and tradition to offer timeless collectibles and a high level of artistry that has defined the Lunar New Year series," says Jim Phillips, Director of Stamp Services at Canada Post. "The series has been extremely popular with communities across Canada and around the world."

The designs are the work of Montréal-based firm Paprika. The Lunar New Year stamps are regular award-winners - including 2013's Year of the Snake, which was recognized by both the Canadian Printing Awards and the Chinese Zodiac Philatelic Society.

About the stamps

The Year of the Horse domestic and international stamps measure 32 mm x 32 mm and the souvenir sheet measures 40 mm x 140 mm. Domestic stamps are available in a pane of 25 stamps, while international stamps are sold in booklets of six stamps. Souvenir sheets of both the international and domestic designs are also available

The stamps were designed by Louis Gagnon and Daniel Robitaille of Paprika and printed by Lowe-Martin and Gravure Choquet. The domestic stamp uses lithography in four colours with embossing, plus varnish. The international stamp uses lithography in one colour with foil stamping. The Official First Day Cover bears a fitting cancellation from Horseshoe Bay, B.C. Other products around the stamp release, such as framed, uncut press sheets and framed enlargements are also available. To purchase philatelic products, please visit canadapost.ca/shop or your local post office.

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Newsletter #250
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