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Canadian Stamps Back to Sales Index
new Titanic Centenary Commemorative Souvenir Sheet
new Winnipeg Jets signed and framed first goal sheet
new Winnipeg Jets Stamps
Stanley Gibbons Assorted Theme Stamp Packs.
Canada 1908 1¢ Québec Tercentenary
All Nations "Pug Post" artistamp
2010 Year of the Tiger souvenir sheet
Vancouver Expo '86 FDC
British Columbia Colonial Stamps
2008 Year of the Rat stamps
1999 Sikh Baisakhi First Day Cover
2007 Year of the Pig souvenir sheet
1967 Stamp Set
1902 7¢ Queen Victoria
2006 Vancouver Aquarium 50th anniversary booklet
2003 2010 Olympic Overprint attached stamp booklet trio
2006 Canada - US Champlain set, Washington Philatelic Exhibition
2006 Art Canada series, Dorothy Knowles souvenir set
Canada 1927 60th anniversary of Confederation
Canadians in Hollywood commerative sets
2006 Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday International rate souvenir sheet
Unique All Natioins QEII 80th Birthday domestic FDC
2005 Happy Birthday Oscar Peterson
Write Me... Ring Me stamp card sets
Variety stamp packs
1957 All Season Playground 5¢ block, the last engraved stamps
2001 Legendary Creatures Cover perforation variety
1954 5¢ Beaver booklet of 5
1893 50¢ dark blue Queen Victoria Widow Weed
2005 Fly Fishing souvenir sheet
Canada 1951 Stamp Centenary blocks
2004 Victoria Cross Memorial Sheet
Montréal Children's Hospital 49¢ Teddy Bears definitive
1951 $1 Canadian Fisheries
1982 Canada Day Canadian Art series 1 souvenir sheet
1982 Stamp on Stamp series 2 souvenir sheet
Canada 1942 VFNH 4¢ War Issue block of 4
Canada 2001, Portrait of a Prime Minister - Pierre Trudeau
2004 Year of the Monkey 4 stamp sets and First Day Covers (with error)
Canada 1929 20¢ Harvesting Wheat
Canada 2002 "Mountains of the World" used set of 8
Canada - Alaska Cruise Ship Picture Postage sheet and duo
Canada #16 1859 Fine Used 10¢ Prince Albert first printing
1976 Montréal Special Olympics 20¢ commemorative
Canadian Astronauts stamp booklet
Canadian Astronauts FDC duo
Canada 1983 34¢ booklet of 10 Canadian Forts
Ten cent Lady's Slipper printing shift variety
Canada 1897 $2 Queen Victoria Jubilee
Canada 1946 Peace Issue Plate Block Set
Canada 1997 45¢ Blue Poppy block set of 12
Canada 1971 6¢ Papineau "red doubling" printing error
Canada 1973 8¢ Blue Feather variety
Canada 1991 10 cent Skunk variety
Canada 1989 76 cent Grizzly Bear
Canada 1932 5 cent Edward VIII
Canada Official Millenium Keepsake stamp set
Canada Expo '70 block of 4
Canada - USSR Hockey Series 30th anniversary commemorative
Canada 1995 Golf Commemoratives
Canadian Superheroes stamps
Canada Day, 1979 Provincial Flags sheet
Canada 1996 Winnie the Pooh set
Lunar New Year Back to Sales Index
Canada 2010 Year of the Tiger international stamp souvenir sheet
2008 Year of the Rat stamps
2007 Canada Year of the Pig souvenir sheet
All available Canada Lunar New Year first series stamp sets
U.S. Lunar New Year stamp sets
2004 Year of the Monkey 3 country stamp sets
Canada 2004 Year of the Monkey stamp sets
Hong Kong 1997 Year of the Ox Souvenir Sheet of four
International Stamps Back to Sales Index
2008 Royal Mail Ian Fleming James Bond Souvenir Sheet
2004 Taiwan Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban souvenir sheets
2005 Taiwan Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire souvenir sheets
2007 Royal Mail Harry Potter stamp sheets
2007 US Star Wars commemorative souvenir sheet
Estonia 1941 German Occupation Semi-postal set
1952 German National Museum commemorative
International Stamp packs
U.S. 1978 13¢ Canadian border wildlife complete sheet of 48
U.S. Lunar New Year stamp sets
2003 Great Britain Coronation 50th Anniversary stamp set
Hong Kong 1997 Year of the Ox souvenir sheet of four
Assorted worldwide special interest bulk packs
New Zealand 1935 1 shilling Tui bird
Iceland #C3 1930 Gyrofalcon Air Mail
Isle of Man QE II Coronation commemorative sheet

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